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APLA Meetings are open to the public.

Location: Parkview Hill Clubhouse 7:00 PM

Sept 1
October 6
November 3
Dec 1

January 5
February 2
March 1
April 5 - Annual Meeting
May 3
June 7
August 2


Friday, October 9 ~ 12 Noon until 3PM
Parkview~Gibbs House Entrance
(Just North of the Parkview Parking Lot)

Each Year there is a work afternoon in the Preserve

This year the work will continue clearing the small Oak Savannah
ALPA will have drinks and donuts for all those involved
All equipment will be provided by WMU.  If you have any questions you
can email Steve Keto at

Co Sponsored by ALPMC (Asylum Lake Policy & Management Council)
and ALPA (Asylum Lake Preservation Assoc.)

Saturday October 10 Walk on the Wild Side walk
They will meet at at the Drake Rd. entrance.

ALPA's response to media coverage of the August 5th attack in Asylum Lake Preserve

In view of the Gazette's article concerning the ALPA Board of Directors and myself as President are issuing the following: The attack occurred in a very remote section of the Preserve. It is a good practice to travel the more populated trails. Walk with a friend, and be aware of your surroundings. This is an incident that does not happen often in the Preserve and it is still a safe place to walk and enjoy nature. Regarding the attack that occurred last fall in the Preserve the Gazette failed to publish a follow up to mention that the individual who commited the crime was caught, arrested and prosecuted! Plese make sure that your cell phone contains the WMU Police Department number which is 269-387-5555 or you can dial 911 for an emergency.


Below is a link to the Memo we sent to WMU regarding ALPA's position on the planned development of the Colony Farm Orchard

Alpa Colony Farm Orchard Statement